Born to Hurt​/​Make Me Lose Control

by Sam Russell & the Harborrats

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Born to Hurt/Make Me Lose Control is the new double-single from singer/songwriter Sam Russell & his doo-wop + synth-pop backing band The Harborrats. The songs are their first studio release in four years and the first taste of upcoming album The Wisconsin Polka. The two songs are being released in the wake of and as a reaction to the recent Presidential election. Says Sam:

“The forthcoming album and the themes contained within were conceived as a commentary on the divide in our nation made apparent by the election and now, the election’s results The song “Born to Hurt” was imagined at the time of its writing to be a depiction of the worst possible outcome of events, which have tragically now come to pass. It attempts to examine the need on both sides of the divide to have a voice heard without obsoleteness that can convey the desire for change, relevance and recognition..”

“Make Me Lose Control” is a cover of the 1988 ballad by Eric Carmen of “Hungry Eyes” and The Raspberries-fame. Recorded in one take having never played the song prior, Sam and band reinterpret the song as a late-night lament on the limitations and helplessness felt in the wake of failure and loss. with heavy Leonard Cohen (R.I.P.) and Suicide shadings.

The release of the two songs will be followed shortly by a crowdsourcing campaign to raise funds for the completion of the mixing and pressing stages of The Wisconsin Polka. Being born and raised in Kenosha, Wi and having lived in Seattle over the past decade, The Wisconsin Polka will depict Sam’s reconciliation of the attitudes, politics and people from his place of birth versus those that define his adult home and outlook.

The songs also carry on Sam’s tradition of utilizing a wide variety of musical influences based primarily in traditional folk, soul and rock n ’roll with the psychedelic-synth sounds of Allison’s keyboards providing a modern bent. “Born to Hurt” encapsulates Sam’s range in miniature by alternating between Jack White-like gospel-drenched rockabilly and Bowie-equse sci-fi-tinged orchestral-pop

Born to Hurt and Make Me Lose Control will be released in throwback “cassingle” format and available at finer record stores, as well as online downloading and streaming outlets. More songs from The Wisconsin Polka will be shared as they are finished throughout the coming weeks and months.

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released November 19, 2016

Sam Russell-vocals & guitars
Allison Tulloss-vocals & keyboards
Aimee Zoe-drums/percussion/piano/b.vox
Ken Nottingham-bass, bouzouki b.vox

additional acoustic guitar & percussion-Colin J.Nelson
additional backing vocals-Sadie Ava, Colin J. Nelson, Casey Ruff, Michael Spaly

Produced & mixed by Sam Russell & Colin J. Nelson @ Her Car Studios, Seattle WA
Additional recording and engineering done on by
Moe Provencher @ The Duplex, Seattle WA
Johnny Sangster @ Crackle & Pop, Seattle WA
Carlos Tulloss @ Frannyland, Seattle WA

Mastered by Ed Brooks @ Resonant Mastering, Seattle, WA



all rights reserved


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Sam Russell & the Harborrats Seattle, Washington

Sam Russell preaches the gospel of heartbreak and decadence via The Blue Moon Bible, an in-progress series of 8 albums, backed up by his combined band and choir collective of The Harborrats. Folk, soul, doo-wop and everything in-between add to up a version of rock n' roll that searches to find divinity in love instead of God, as sung by a failed Christian and his fellow heathens. ... more

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Track Name: Born to Hurt
a comet in a whirl dusts the sun
reaching the earth on its last run
lantanas bloom shining, sleep undone
by the strobe flickering saying the darkness ain’t won
I see three red birds ignite the sky
fighting the frost that’s coming tonight

they were all born to hurt
they’ll burn up tonight

put money in, play the jukebox
before they wheel it out along with both of us
play a sad song heard since the age of ten
singing the truth about original sin
love starts so good, always ends bad
anyone says different, walk away from them

we were all born to hurt (just admit)
we were all born to hurt (just admit)
we were all born to hurt (let the hurt begin)

don’t know why nothing ever stays
no reason to cry, can’t make the change
you can give it all, you could take it back
don’t believe what you saw don’t leave it at that

heartbeat’s detained order’s disjointed
crossfire exchanged across the checkpoint
your partner hold til the dance hall is sold
what breaks the fall when the promise is broke
you said that you’d had had enough
but I said it first and I said it because

we were all born to hurt
we were all born to hurt
we were all born to hurt

leave it where it lies
don’t ever disturb me we were all born to hurt
oh oh oh we were all born to hurt
whoa whoa whoa born to hurt, born to hurt
Track Name: Make Me Lose Control
I run a comb through my hair and step out in the street
and the city’s the color of flame in the midsummer heat
Jennifer, she’s got daddy’s car, she’s playing uptown on the stereo
we go cruising so close, the way they did long ago

we put the top down low beneath the moon in the sky
and the wind is so hot in our hair like a fire in July
Jennifer’s singing "Stand By Me" and she knows every single word by heart
was love always this good or could this be just the start?

turn the radio up for that sweet sound
hold me close never let me go
keep this feeling alive, make me lose control
when I look in your eyes, I go crazy
the fever’s hot with the lights down low
take me over the edge, make me lose control

"Be My Baby" come on and we’re moving in time
and the heat from your touch makes me feel like I’m losing my mind
and then they play "Back in My Arms Again"
we close our eyes, we start remembering when
and then we kiss and the feeling’s intense
and we just pray that this night never ends

turn the radio up for that sweet sound
hold me close never let me go
keep this feeling alive, make me lose control
when I look in your eyes, I go crazy
the fever’s hot with the lights down low
take me over the edge, make me lose control. make me lose control
turn the radio up
turn the radio up
turn the radio up